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Thursday, May 22, 2003

Drug War Update

Dear Friends:

After the drug war of three months, just one phase of it here in Thailand, I am finally getting back on line a little bit.
There were scores of executions of hilltribe people, not just Akha. Blocking the road, killing everyone in the vehicles with heavy gun fire, tearing their bodies up with bullets.

We have made many reports and pics can be seen on www.akha.org of some of the people who are no longer with us. All this of course without due process. Investigations are ongoing.

I just visited Booh Saw May Yurh in prison here in Chiangrai. She is an Akha who went to a house to get rice and when she came home the army arrested her because they said they found drugs in that house. She has been in prison for five months, and has to wait another year before her court day and there is no case to be identified against her. She is a widow with four children who now lost their only bread winner.

The coffee project is well under way, hoping to plant thousands of plants we nurtured all year. That was a learning experience.

We are looking for funds for many more plants of course.

Please make a visit to www.akha.org

Matthew McDaniel
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