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Monday, April 04, 2005

Akha in Sacramento

And other Updates:

Child slave trade trafficking is bigger business than drugs.

And look at our experience.

Despite proof that there are Akha in Sacramento, the state and county refugee related agencies continue to provide language services to these people and supervisory agencies continue to cover up the situation.

So Akha can be brought in to this country as Hmong and no one notices? Cares?

And what was the arrangement? Who paid who? Who looked the other way? What must the Akha do in return?

Who knew it was going on and said nothing?

The end result is that the Akha can not identify themselves as Akha in Sacramento. And we must wonder who is expoiting them, or extorting from them.

Law. The rule of law. This means nothing to the government of California or the government of Sacramento County.

Homeland Security didn't seem interested. The State Department Refugee administrator stuttered a lot. But then wasn't interested either.

US Department of Health and Human Services took the case then keeps putting us off like we can't see through it. Excuses excuses. That is all we hear, a big cover up.

So what is going on? A lot it would seem. Possibly hundreds of Akha have been trafficked into the Sacramento area illegally and are in situations that do not allow them to have much more human rights here than in Laos or Thailand. We are not surprised of course. America is a place big on talk, but falling way short on actual human rights.

We find increased evidence that US missions in Thailand are involved in sex abuse and human trafficking. Some missions in Thailand receive direct US Gov. funding and others are all part of the US mission network in that region that goes back to CIA drug days.

Of concern is that missions do not show who supports them, where they get their money, what they do or how they are monitored, yet they have no problem taking the Akha children away. Power and money goes a long way.

There is little to no knowledge of these events in the US.
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