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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Queen of Thailand Takes the Land of Hooh Yoh Akha

It has been quite some time since I posted on this blog.
Tons of writing for emails, for web code, for all that we HAVE to use computers for in our lives.
So a lot of the "fun" that I used to like to write for gets used up.

I have gotten much of the www.akha.org website rebuilt, increasingly the way I want it. Still so much to do in so many categories.

For one, I have added www.akhaphotos.org to the site, (not completed with the construction yet) and this is where the new coppermine photo gallery will be.

The case of the ACF and NCA in Laos continues on. The general attitude of the ngo staff in Laos is that they did nothing wrong.

We note in this backlight that the left hand of the UN gave the right hand of the UN (UNESCO) a tourism award. Puke. For what they are doing to the Akha in north Laos.

The Akha people as a carnival destination.

Work on the 3rd Akha Journal progresses. Going to be a rather big journal if I can ever get it done. Pretty soon I will begin scanning in all the pics, etc.

Investigations still going at Paul and Loris mission, and CGT which is a mission like so many others that takes Akha children away from their homes. CGT is sponsored by Rotary, and so we keep pressuring Rotary about that.

They are a little bit thick, a little bit racist, as good white people they see no problem with ripping off indigenous children.

We got some pages building on the site about CGT too if you want to go and look in the missions section.

Main problem with this website any more is that I can't load data fast as I get it.

We have a new section Akah Daily Videos and Akha TV.
www.youtube.com also.

And we have a new page www.firstgiving.com where people can set up their own page and raise money for the project.

The latter I am working with some good people on developing further. Getting a little more energy into it, no more late night recording sessions.

Oh yeah, and that reminds me, we have been fighting the Queen of Thailand about the seizure of Akha lands at Hooh Yoh. Well, we have seen it go up a few levels to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Meanwhile reports are that the Queen's tea projects are taking more and more land above and around the villages, just keep the Akha for good loyal "slaves" goes the idea maybe.

I am working to raise funds for mosquito nets in Laos, improving the Akha Human Rights Network, and other medical and literacy projects.

UNESCO has totally thrown in with the missions, no matter what Feingold wants to claim otherwise.

There is the case of Ms. Wongsa, an Akha in the Singapore Prison.

A couple Thai NGO's have been bickering and falling all over themselves to somehow prove she is not really a citizen from Thailand, etc, etc. Trafficking NGO's. Course to go and arrest a Thai for trafficking in women would be real obvious now, no point in doing that.

Just a bit of what is going on.


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