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http://www.akha.org Heart of the Golden Triangle in South East Asia, the Akha Hill Tribe people find themselves living in the mountain border zones of five countries, fighting to sustain their way of life in a time of consumerism and destruction of the natural environment. Embattled to defend their traditional culture from seige by american missionaries, they hang on. See how you can help. Join: akhaweeklyjournal-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Make a donation or be a volunteer in Thailand.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Akha Work Goes On!

With encouragement from friends, associates and volunteers we continue our work for the Akha people in South East Asia. Recent visits to Laos, Vietnam and the Akha in China were most beneficial and helped us to understand more of the Akha who inhabit these regions and what their needs are.

We still have Akha Journal Number 2 for sale and are working on Journal number 3.

We have a backlog of pics and video to put on the site as a result of limited computer resources but should have this up with time.

We continue to research and place new information about the Akha situation on the web site. Also we got a small item there on donations since it is an open website but so few people donate to support the work they benefit from.

We don't want to forget all the Akha prisoners in Thailand. Recently posted articles about the way the Thai government has treated the hilltribe will give, we hope, some idea about how skewed the Akha situation is with regards to prisoners and human rights.

Basically, Thailand is without accountability, either to the hill peoples, the muslims or anyone else in the country. As compared to other countries where the Akha are full citizens, Thailand discriminates as a matter of course, against the Akha.

Have an article to submit, photos, time, energy, then send us an Email.
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