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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Updating this Blog Fall 2004

Finally I got this blog linked on the new web site. Thought I had it done before.
Not in Thailand for the moment. Noted that the US is pushing a drug war in Laos and drug eradication for opium farmers for 2005.

The US Gov. is obviously pax americana and we all are going to regret it sooner if not later.

Oxfam keeps wonderful tabs on the US and World Bank, ADB and such on its websites for Laos area. The damn up north may be on hold and the Thais may not get their cheap electric paid for in hill tribe lives after all. Poor bastards.

The Thais have long exploited their neighbors in favor of what ever they could do to make the US happy and get more for themselves.

Journalists and others are finding that while blaming Burma for everything, things are not near as democratic or safe in Thailand as they would like either. They might even get gone which we have been saying for years, unless, oh yeah, they are a missionary. Missionaries have nice immunity from the law, no one much will comment on them let alone suggest that they "suck".

Laos for the most part doesn't have many and neither does China. The missionaries have after all sold out the hill tribe for their own financial gain. Hardly any gospel in this, and that is unfortunate, as people serving people should be a good thing if more people learned to do it rather than just build little dynasties of buildings and control.

In Burma the missions have had effect and the catholics remain though the protestants have to content with being in Chiangmai and going up now and then, results of Paul Lewis and other CIA missionaries wanting to turn Burma into a proxy state to fight china years ago.

That didn't work, but the hill tribe like the Hmong in Laos got used greedily. Also it made the burmese suspicious of the west and rightfully so. Democracy in the west means the right for me to come and shove you around in your back yard.

Depleted Uranium? Need any? Tons are being dumped in Iraq, and least we can be thankful that the Thai army doesn't yet shoot the Akha and others using depleted uranium which is being scattered all over the world by the US government, maybe the mean DU and they keep saying democracy. At any rate, it is poisoning plenty and if you type DU into Google you will find plenty of reading to do. And alll those US soldiers are going to come home poisoned by the stuff. I can see it, on a date, the girl asking the guy if he was to Iraq and has radioactive testes? Thanks, but no thanks she says.

The US Gov's dirty little secret just like their dirty little war in Laos. And now you have it that the missionaries aren't interested to be picking up Bombs in Laos. That wouldn't be nice.

The Akha of Hooh Yoh continue to work for tiny wages on the land that the Royal Project took from them to make another agricultural tourist park.

People should note that the monarchy in Nepal comes to an end.
Will China move on Nepal. ?
Will George Bush invade Burma if he gets re-elected?
Will the US push influence in Laos, will missionaries get access?

The indigenous are a note of the environment, and when the environement is gone, they are gone and vice versa.

Here in the states the work goes on for the Akha.
A trip to New York to the UN.
A trip to Geneva to the UN.

Much work to do in order to make the world aware that the Akha even exist.

The only thing you see on the web from the missionaries is all the propaganda about them trying to save the hill tribe, when in fact they are busy selling the hill tribe down the river and taking away their children, but what American knows that or CARES to know that?

Eric Rubin, the Consul of Chiangmai US Consulate, got promoted to Director of Counter Narcotics and Development Policy for his role in looking the other way in the killing fields of Thailand last year. I wondered if he was just naive, just stupid, but now it looks like he planned it that way, kissing ass to get a promo.

Any word on this, let us know. We'd like to publicize it a little.

Currently I am developing a pamphlet for distribution around the world to build activism for the Akha. This is crucial, more volunteers, more international pressure, more funding for direct aid to the Akha. If you would like to become involved, send me an email at akha@akha.org

Check in to this blog often for updates of what is going on.

You can subscribe to the E Journal on Yahoo, shown on the www.akha.org site, or you volunteer, where ever you are or in Thailand if you are making a trip there. We need lots of research done and getting the word out what is happening to the Akha.

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