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Monday, May 30, 2005

Just Back From the UN New York

Just back from the Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues at New York, where we gave the Thai government a run for its money.

After one year the Thai Mission to the UN had offered us nothing but when we put the heat on again they were all apologetic, but offering us nothing again, saying they could only begin to work after the forum was over so that they could get some slippery agreement and then do nothing once our opportunity was gone.

But we kept on the heat and got literature out, made presentations and got our material into the Global Forestry Forum as well where it was handed to the Thai Delegation and to governments such as Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

We finally got the Thai Delegation to defend itself and stand up and speak, they were under orders to denounce us as the fax came from Bangkok, as what they should say.

This was great progress in itself that they should have to muster a campaign against us, we shamed them.

That is what they need, to have their true identity revealed.

And shame on all the foreigners with their beer and whores who keep silent about what is happening to all the poor in Thailand, hilltribe and Thai alike, while they have their "experience" in Thailand.

Our next stop is Geneva, where we will continue to work to publicize the Akha situation.
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