Akha Hill Tribe Thailand

http://www.akha.org Heart of the Golden Triangle in South East Asia, the Akha Hill Tribe people find themselves living in the mountain border zones of five countries, fighting to sustain their way of life in a time of consumerism and destruction of the natural environment. Embattled to defend their traditional culture from seige by american missionaries, they hang on. See how you can help. Join: akhaweeklyjournal-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Make a donation or be a volunteer in Thailand.

Friday, August 26, 2005

The Akha situation in Thailand is intense. But to give you a more clear understanding of our long term work and committment to the Akha you can check at the archives of akhaweeklyjournal at yahoogroups.com

Also, in the future I will try and post the journal posts here as well.
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